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4. února 2014

The apology / explanation

Sorry for my English.

I'm so sorry for all my inactivity .Sometimes I have an aversion to The Sims 3 and I have to give this game / create a break.I appreciate you and what you are doing , watching you , but I do not have the strength to respond .Sometimes it is very hard for me to go and play on. I persuasion and then five minutes turn off.Before Christmas in my family became unpleasant things . I tried to be strong and be with other people happy.A lot of people I envied that have a Merry Christmas . Because this Christmas and Christmas in 2012 for me were not exactly happy .I envied , but wished it all from my heart .It does NOT nothing better than to have a great family that is in you , whom you spend your Christmas holidays.That nothing can replace .After Christmas, I found time for themselves. I needed him . I could put up with the loss . With more losses.The Sims I had to leave for a minute .I believe that I understand and I thank you for that .Perhaps it will not be long and I'll be back and I will be able to watch all of you .Thank you for your understanding . I appreciate you . All of you .

2 komentáře:

  1. Bonsoir Petka! J'ai du mal à comprendre votre message.
    Mais je vous dis:
    Bon courage!!!! Que l'année 2014 vous apporte du bonheur!
    mille bisou!

  2. Petka, I wish you all the best, do not be sad ♥♥♥



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